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Our Services

Laredo Hearing & Balance Solutions is proud to partner with the America Institute of Balance (AIB) as a recognized Center of Specialty Care.

The AIB is internationally known for its expertise in the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of dizziness and balance disorders.  

Family in the Park

New Born Hearing Screening
Pediatrics & Adult Hearing Evaluations
Adult Cerumen Management (Wax Removal)

Hearing Aid Dispensing

Pediatrics & Adult Audio Screeners 

Image by Damir Bosnjak

Balance & Fall Risk

Hearing Evaluations
Hearing Aid Dispensing
Cerumen Management (Wax Removal)
Custom/Hunter Earplugs

Rock Balancing

Neuro Diagnostics

Vertigo & Dizziness

Screenshot 2023-04-20 102905.png

Cognitive Screeners

To monitor the impact of hearing loss on your brain

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